My visit to Lush: Fresh Farmacy soap

Hello ladies/gentleman 🙂 as both of you can use this product I am about to tell you about. Now for those of you who follow me on my blog you may have seen me try to find products that stop my face breaking out in spots (the joys of being a teen/young adult). Well I... Continue Reading →


Remington Pearl Curling Wand.

Hello lovely people I have been needing a curling wand for a while now as I used to use straighteners to curl my hair (it can be done) however I found my curls did not stay in all day even though I have naturally curly and wavy hair.  This curling wand I had from Christmas,... Continue Reading →

My 20th Birthday

  I had an amazing birthday weekend just in case none of you follow me via Instagram I thought I would share with you what I wore for my Birthday. My makeup was Smashbox, L'Oreal and Rimmel London 🙂 I curled my hair using the Remington Curling wand. And my dress and necklace is from... Continue Reading →

My Nursing student life.

Hey my lovely ladies and maybe Gents 🙂 Well so far I am halfway through my nursing and I can tell you it is hard work but worth it. At first I was intimidated to start my nursing as I have never been a Health care assistant before starting my course however I feel this... Continue Reading →

What’s happening now + engagement

Hello everyone, This is very quick sorry there hasn't been a post yet but so much is happening for me at the moment. I have placement, this is for my student nursing where I train in different hospitals for 8-12 weeks which is long hard full time shifts.  Alongside I also have an essay, revision... Continue Reading →

Rimmel London scandal eyes review.

Hello everybody, sorry I have been away for a while, my work has been absolutely hectic..... Anyway thought I would do a small review on a mascara which I have been wearing everyday lately and that is the Rimmel London, ScandalEyes flex. I usually find with mascaras that they never seem to have has much volume... Continue Reading →

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