Bioderma Makeup Remover

Hello again 😉 two posts in one night! I AM ON A ROLL people woohoo.

Anyway’s I could not leave this post for another day I just had to rave about this product by Bioderma.

First of all it does amazing things to my skin and I will never move from this.

Now this bottle did cost me a lot however I was able to find a deal on Amazon for two 500ml Bottles and I paid £27 for the two which I believe was a bargain.

The reason I decided to splash out was that I heard such amazing views on this product and a friend of mine has been using this makeup remover for a while now and recommended I try it a while ago because I am prone to  getting spots very easy! some of you can probably relate to this with me.

Anyway this product is completely scentless and is just like water. The way to use this is just buy some cotton pads from any shop doesn’t matter on price.  Then just apply some of this cleanser to the pad and gently remove makeup.

Now some of you may know from previous posts I am a big Simple face wipes fan but, since using this Bioderma makeup remover I will never go back to wipes. This product is so soft and gentle on the skin and I would definitely say it can be used on any type of skin.  Since using this my makeup is so much easier to remove and my skin feels so clean and refreshed afterwards.


I would definitely recommend this to all of you!

 Hannah xoxox

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