Maybelline Color tattoo review

Hello ladies,

Today I thought I would show you two eye shadows that I have been using.  These are a cream eyeshadow for those of you interested, I find these are better to put on the lid when using your finger, only because the colour does clog up the makeup brush and they are hard to blend.

The two colours are:

– Left: Metallic Pomegranate.

– Right: On and on Bronze.

They are super affordable I bought mine in Boots for about £5 I think they are on offer the moment now though, so get yours now before they go.

Here is a closer look into the shades,  they do have a hint of shimmer to them which is hard to see as the light keeps reflecting off them.

As you can see the On and on bronze on the bottom has a more golden tint to it, where as the Pomegranate shade above has a more plum tone/ dark purple tint.

These colours are absolutely gorgeous and I would definitely recommend them, they are so pigmented, which I did not expect and they are definitely like a tattoo I struggled to remove mine after I wore them 🙂 however that is a benefit as I find with most eye shadows the colour tends to fade during the day.

I tend to use these as more of a primer as they do crease, and if you use these as a primer, the colour on your eyes will pop especially with extra powder eye shadow on top.  I tried it one night and my eyes stayed perfect all night


The only downside I found to these is that they do crease a lot on the lid, and because they are a cream eyeshadow they leave a bigger crease than a powder eye shadow.  I suggest you try them with an eye primer unfortunately I do not own one so I could not compare the difference.


Overall I would definitely recommend these to you as they are definitely affordable and worth it, like I said above the only downside was that they crease but they are amazing, and give a bold and profound look to your eyes.


Go Buy Yours Now.!


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Hope to talk soon




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