Rimmel London Apocalips

Hey ladies, hope you all had a good day even though the weather here is rain and gale force winds!

Today I thought I would talk to you and show you these AMAZING lip gloss’s from Rimmel London.

They retail at about £5, depends where you buy them from however as different websites may be cheaper or more expensive, so be careful where you shop.

The three I am showing you today are the ones I actually own, I bought them off a friend and I would never wear anything else they are so pigmented and wear beautifully.  They are super glossy when applied, I find the gloss does wear away during the day however these lip gloss’s have a staining agent so even though it does not look like a gloss, your lips will look as though you have a matte lipstick on instead.  I would say that these would last a good 6 hours even with drinking and eating they are that good.

Left: 102 Nova.

Middle: 500 Luna.

Right: 303 Apocaliptic.

My overall favourite colour out of these are the apocaliptic I have wore this in a YouTube I did a while ago and it was amazing and such a bold colour perfect for the winter.  The picture below is not edited in any way and you can see just how bold it really is.

Overall review….

I definitely recommend this lip gloss to all of you reading, it definitely pays off with colour and is really long lasting, I am definitely buying more, especially for the affordable price.  I have never seen high end lip gloss withstand this much time or offers plenty of colour.  The applicator is smooth and does not smother your lips in colour, therefore there is no wastage or unwanted product on your lips.  I hope this has helped you and really made it easier for you to choose the best lip gloss around.

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I look forward to hearing from you all as well as knowing what you think.

What would you like to see next?

 Hannah xoxox



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