Starstruck by Paige Thomas: my book review !

Hello everybody, this is a review I did a while back now.

If none of you know who Paige Thomas is, she is the author of a book called Count me in.  That book was only a short story on one of the characters in this book.

Now Starstruck is the second book and is a very erotic love story with jealousy and the biggest twist to the ending I have ever seen….. I did not even expect to read it.

I would definitely recommend this book to older readers, I was hooked from the beginning and was asked my the author to read this book a while back and I completed it within a couple days… That is how good this book is.

Here is the link to Paige Thomas on Twitter: She constantly tweets readers views of her book, as well as giving you all short quotes from the book. I would have said the best parts but to be honest the whole book is the best part. 🙂


So that I do not babble on for ages here is a link to my youtube video where I go into detail about the book. 🙂 Hope you all enjoy and I do hope I have convinced you all that if you want an erotic and exciting book to read then this is definitely the book for you, you will not find any better, believe in me.! 


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Hannah xx


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