MUA Makeup Academy: eye shadow palette Review

 Hello everybody how are you all today, hope the weather is better where you are today than it is here.

Today I thought I would show you all my favourite eye shadow palette’s at the moment.  I was recommended the MUA shadows when I did a YouTube video a while ago as I was struggling to find good CHEAP eye-shadows.

These palettes cost £4.00 each from Superdrug, however I had an offer for 3 for 2 so I gave my free palette to a friend :).

Since buying them I have always used them they are perfect and such good quality for daily use.  I chose two different kinds so that I could mix them up a bit and would have a wide variety, and have now become an MUA eye -shadow holic.  There are 12 different shades and are all lovely when you layer them up.

These two palettes are called : Glamour Nights and Undress Me Too.

I took a few pictures of the palettes and swatches as there seem to be only a few out there and you can’t swatch these shadows in the shop so I thought I would give you some more information on them, Enjoy! X

Glamour Nights, Eye-shadow palette……

 There are no names for these colours but there is a lovely mix of matte shadows and ones with glitter.  As you can see from the swatches above some of the shades do not show up as well.  I have swatched the top and bottom layer in order from the palette onto my arm.  I found with these shadows that do not show up as much are perfect for a base colour to work form.  I love these shades and have used them for many a nights out.  My favourite have to be the silver, green, gold and shimmer brown.

The glitter based shadows are perfect over the matte shades and gift perfect definition,  but like I said before you may need to keep layering the same colour a few times before you get the right amount, where as some of them are so pigmented that no layering is needed.

I do find the applicator that comes with these shadows is a bit useless and I do not use mine at all and instead use my finger or a shadow brush.

Undress Me Too Eye-shadow palette….

For this palette I do have the colours.

Top Left – Right: Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy.

Bottom Left-Right: Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt.

Again this palette includes a range of matte and shimmer shades.  These are harder to see when it comes to the matte shades however the shimmery ones come up better.  The swatches do not do them justice they do appear more pigmented on the eyes.  This is more of a natural look and I have used this for a more day to day look with some shades from the other palette but you can create a good smokey eye with these shades.  They look so good together and is a good palette for those of you who are beginners.  Again I use my fingers or a brush to apply these shades as the applicator is too hard and does not release all the colour.

Overall thoughts:….. These shadows are perfect for first timers and are amazing value and worth buying.  The only downside to these I find are that they do crease a lot on the eyes and I would definitely recommend either using a concealer or a primer or your eyelids to keep these strong.  They work perfectly and are super blend-able and are amazing for those nights out as they do not wear off easily.  I would recommend that you buy a shadow brush for these just so that it is easier to pack the shadows on top of each other on your eyes.  These are available at Superdrug here in England but I am not aware of anywhere else, another good place to buy these is online at Amazon as a lot of brands that are not available in the shops are easy to get hold of online.

Overall however they are just perfect and work well when the colour is built up.  I would definitely recommend you buy them.


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Hope you all enjoyed my review and I hope to have more soon.

Hannah XOXOX




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