Rimmel London: Fix&Perfect Pro Primer Review.


Hello everyone, I managed to find time to fit you all into my busy schedule 😀 YAY! I missed you all.

Today I thought I would share with you all a product I have been using called the Fix & Perfect Pro Primer from Rimmel London.  I believe this product cost me under £5 to buy which is a good price for primers.
This product states:

” Skin perfecting formula for 5 in 1 results:
Smooths, resurfaces, Brightens, mattifies and protects.  Prolongs foundation wear.”

I have used this product for the end of January and beginning of February and have nearly used the whole tube.  Some of these statements I agree with but there are a few I do not.
I would definitely agree that this product smooths, resurfaces, and maybe brightens my face up a little.  However I do not agree that this product mattifies and protects my face.

When using this product I found I had to use a lot of the cream primer on my face to get a good coverage otherwise there would be areas of my skin that felt very dry and untouched, which I think is a disadvantage as I found that this product is easy to use up and I would have to keep buying a new one after two or three weeks, if that!

I found this primer does not feel like a primer at all it has a thick consistency but it does not have the feeling of a normal primer such as the Benefit porefessional or the Smashbox photo finish primers.
I found my skin looked very shiny and not matte as stated on the cover, and I found my foundation did not stay on for longer infact I found that my foundation moved around my face a lot when using this primer, which lead to a few spots appearing on my face, which was more than normal, so I wouldn’t suggest that this primer would protect your pores for those of you with spot prone skin.

The only reason I have been using this primer is that I get up early in the mornings for placement and I find this primer makes my skin feel soft and revitalised  in the morning, and gives me a fresh looking face.  I usually use some concealer and powder to reduce the shine and that will be me done for the day as it does make skin look younger.  I would suggest that you all use this for more of a cream than a primer as I found it perfect for just keeping my skin soft and refreshed.


I hope you all enjoyed and I gave you all a good look into this product, if you wish to know more please comment below and I will reply pretty fast if I am home, if not the best way to contact me is on my Facebook page or twitter account which is just on the right.

Hope to see you all soon

Have a lovely Sunday evening and I hope Monday is a good start to the week for you all.




6 thoughts on “Rimmel London: Fix&Perfect Pro Primer Review.”

  1. I have this primer as well. It actually does well for me for keeping makeup in place, but I agree about the matte part. I’m truly not sure of how many products would actually keep me matte for a long time (not with this oily skin anyhow!) But I do like the feeling of it like you mentioned, I find I like less and less those siliconey feeling primers. I’ll have to try it as more of a cream though


      1. Yay oily skin, haha. It’ll probably take a bit of experimenting to find something suitable. Yeah I’ll have to try that though, never thought to use it in just that way.


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