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Hello everyone,

This is very quick sorry there hasn’t been a post yet but so much is happening for me at the moment.

I have placement, this is for my student nursing where I train in different hospitals for 8-12 weeks which is long hard full time shifts.  Alongside I also have an essay, revision and uni to do in two weeks.  This is proving to be an impossible task.

Next week I have my 20th Birthday amd I am arranging for friends to come and stay and we are going for a meal….. at the moment floods are causing a problems so hopefully everyone can come. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And on Valentines day my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me and we are now engaged eeeeek.  I plan to have the wedding near the end of 2015 which is proving very expensive when I only have a budget of ยฃ1,000.