My Nursing student life.

Hey my lovely ladies and maybe Gents 🙂

Well so far I am halfway through my nursing and I can tell you it is hard work but worth it.

At first I was intimidated to start my nursing as I have never been a Health care assistant before starting my course however I feel this gave me a fresh start to learn what to do not the bad habits that may be seen.

Family and myself have been in and out of hospital all my life to I thought I want to give something back and learn to see what it is like to look after patients like myself and make a family happy and help them through those hard times.

So far my nursing has been very hard I cannot lie to you, I work so hard and there is no time to chill and relax, I spend most of my time studying the human anatomy and working long shifts and night shifts 🙂 who loves those 12.5 hr shifts.  I am not going to lie to you they are hard shifts and they do make me very tired and I do not like them.  But when you have a patient who is lovely and really makes you laugh it is so worth it in the end.

I get to see so much for example last week I saw Cardio-thoracic surgery which is opening the chest to perform surgery on the heart which is a risky procedure.
I have never been so interested or as fascinated as I was when I saw the inside of a human, it is fascinating to know that this is what we have inside all of us.
My interest is definitely working with the heart as a nurse as I experienced a medical condition with my heart called Supra-ventricular Tachycardia which did cause a few issues however I want to help a patient with their condition and comfort them.

For those of you interested in this line of work I won’t lie to you it is very hard and you need to be dedicated there will be times where you don’t think you can do it anymore but then you meet a patient that makes it all worthwhile.  And there are so many professions out there for you to try.

If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask me what I go through I am a very open person and share everything.

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