Remington Pearl Curling Wand.

Hello lovely people

I have been needing a curling wand for a while now as I used to use straighteners to curl my hair (it can be done) however I found my curls did not stay in all day even though I have naturally curly and wavy hair.  This curling wand I had from Christmas, and you can see more photos from my last post.

This curling wand was perfect as the barrel decreases in size which I find gives you a tighter and long lasting curl.  The curler has a heat setting up to 210 degrees, and comes with a heat protecting glove and case, which was shown in my previous post.

Below is a picture of my hair when complete.

Embedded image permalinkImage

I found these curls took 20-30 mins to do and I took an inch of hair and wrapped the root of my hair at the thickest end of the barrel to that  the ends were tighter.  I find if you do not want such a harsh curl all you have to do is not let the hair stay on the barrel for longer than 5-10 seconds.  But this hairstyle had to battle winds, rain and my godson all day, and they stayed like this, and never became loose.

I definitely recommend this to you as I did not even use hairspray, my hair is really thick which is probably why my hair has more volume, but if you have thin hair a bit of back combing and hairspray will help you achieve this look.

This is a super affordable price and well worth it 🙂

go and try for yourself.

If you want to know more details are above in the tabs bar on how to contact me.

Hope I was informative.






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