My visit to Lush: Fresh Farmacy soap

Hello ladies/gentleman 🙂 as both of you can use this product I am about to tell you about.

Now for those of you who follow me on my blog you may have seen me try to find products that stop my face breaking out in spots (the joys of being a teen/young adult).
Well I thought I would try the shop called Lush as I have heard a few people rave about how good they are in their for skin products, because a lot of their soaps and cleansers are natural for the face and do not contain preservatives.
The lady was very helpful I explained I get oily skin however I also have spot prone skin where I will get blind head spots (they do not come to a full spot but a lump under the skin) and I get very dry skin where the spot is.
She was very helpful and took my straight to a soap which isn’t proper soap she said, anyway the soap is called Fresh Farmacy.

 I had 106grams and that cost me £5.40, which may seem a lot but absolutely worth it.

The lady who served me demonstrated how well the soap works on the skin, she did say however that this soap can dry out your face therefore you will need to moisturise your face afterwards.  However it soothes the face therefor reducing those harsh spots and dry patches.

This is someone else showing you how the soap looks before applying to the face.

The soap does not work up into a huge lather which is what is meant to happen, anyway this was gently rubbed into my hand and then washed off, the results were amazing!
Now I wash my hands all the time because that has been drummed into me while doing my nursing but oh my god! This soap cleaned my hands so well they were white and my other hand looked dreadful, I couldn’t believe how much our skin retains.  My hand felt soft and looked healthier.

I have just used it tonight when I came home and I love it!
My face looked cleaner, my blackheads on my nose were nearly gone and my skin looked healthier, I did apply a cream that I was given as a tester just to re hydrate the skin, I believe the cream was called Vanishing cream which smelled of lavender which also made my skin feel gorgeous.

I am super excited to see how my skin looks like after a week and whether my skin settles.

If you are interested in results comment below or tweet me.
Definitely try this product huge thumbs up from me so far.

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3 thoughts on “My visit to Lush: Fresh Farmacy soap”

    1. Thankyou Joice, I have tried to make it as good as possible only started doing this the end of 2013. I have followed you via bloglovin. If you could follow me back it would be amazing thankyou again for the support. Xoxo


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