March Favorites

  Hello everyone here are my March Favorites. Batiste: dry shampoo in Blush. Shockwaves Hairspray which I have in strong hold as my hair NEVER stays in place. This is my everyday go to cream which is Simple's, Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion.  I use my hands to apply this to my face as... Continue Reading →


My Favourite Music Right now!

Hello all my lovely followers :p cannot believe there are over 60 of you now, and only 7 on Bloglovin, come on people. Thought I would do something a little different for you all as I love my music, so here is a list of the songs I have recently downloaded and cannot stop Listening... Continue Reading →


This is my little sister and she loves supernatural and fantasy films and tv shows, please have a look as she has only just started. She is really liked on Twitter with well over 700 followers

Wish list for Newlook

I am so addicted to their pastel shades at the moment and I cannot wait to get some money and go crazy in the shop these are only a few pictures to show the style I am looking for. 

My Monday

Hello everyone, really sorry there has not been another beauty post lately but I have no money 😦 meaning no shopping for new products unfortunately so thought I would give you a little update on what is happening for me today. Unfortunately I am ill today woke up feeling nauseous and very warm but cold... Continue Reading →

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