GUEST POST: Sophie/Alldolledup Is washing your hair in reverse the way to go?

I recently read an article in the Daily Mail that claimed washing your hair in reverse (shampooing after conditioning) was the answer to all your bad hair days. It claimed your hair would look shiner and softer in next to no time.

Intrigued, I thought I would give this a go, admittedly thinking this couldn’t possibly work.

A link to the original Daily Mail article can be found here:

I have been using the Tresemme Moisture Rich range on my hair.


I always get great results using Tresemme, and my hair always feels super clean and doesn’t get greasy quickly after use. To start my experiment, I used a generous amount of the conditioner after getting in the shower. It felt a little odd doing things in reverse order and it took a few seconds for the conditioner to work through my hair and detangle. Immediately, my hair actually felt softer than if I had applied shampoo to it beforehand. I left the conditioner on for a few minutes and rinsed. Again, my hair felt smooth and soft and I almost didn’t want to shampoo in fear of drying it out.

Have you ever run out of conditioner mid-shower and had to settle just for shampoo? I don’t know about you, but it is my worst nightmare. When I have had to do it, my hair always feels so dry and tangled. It is a nightmare to brush through and gets super fluffy when blow-dried.

To avoid this happening with my experiment, I only applied a small amount of shampoo and lightly massaged in. To my disappointment, my hair did lose quite a bit of moisture when I rinsed but not as much as if I hadn’t conditioned at all.

When out of the shower, I towel dried my hair, applied hair oil and combed through. It wasn’t as easy to comb through as usual, however it wasn’t as tangled as I had originally though. I then blow-dried my hair as normal.

The overall results were pretty average if I am honest. Due to the secondary shampooing my hair was fluffier than usual and I had to use lots of product to maintain and de-frizz. On the plus side, my hair was much softer than normal and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it!

So personally, reverse washing didn’t do an awful lot for me, but I wouldn’t rule it out again in the future. Maybe the secret is to double condition? Either way, I think I will stick to my usual routine for the time being.

Have you tried this method? Email me your results at and I will post as a guest blog on alldolledup!

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