Washing your Hair in reverse

I have been chatting with a fellow blogger called Sophie who is also a fellow blogger in England (YAY).
While looking through my Twitter feed I saw Sophie had tweeted: “So I read in the Daily Mail that the secret to shiny hair is to condition first and shampoo after! Anyone tried this?”
I thought why not give this a go, it can’t hurt and my hair does need a bit of excitement and shine.

The shampoo I used was Herbals from a store called ALDI which is super cheap and the shampoo is exactly like Herbal essence, there is no way you could tell the scents apart. I used the blue one below which is for dry and damaged hair. The scent to this shampoo and conditioner is super fruity and the smell lasts for about 2 days which is perfect.

Now I trialed the conditioner first before the shampoo tonight just to see if what Sophie found in the Daily Mail really works….
After washing and drying my hair I found that it was weird that my hair blow dried faster than usual :/ which is puzzling but perfect for me as I have long thick hair. Instead of my hair looking shiny like it was stated in the Daily mail.

I asked my Fiancé for his opinion and he said the same, my hair did not look shiny however, he did say that my hair looked voluminous which never usually happens.

So from my trial I would probably use this method more often however it did not make my hair shiny but it did make my roots more voluminous which is definitely a bonus for all you ladies out there trying to boost those roots.

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