My Monday

Hello everyone, really sorry there has not been another beauty post lately but I have no money 😦 meaning no shopping for new products unfortunately so thought I would give you a little update on what is happening for me today.

Unfortunately I am ill today woke up feeling nauseous and very warm but cold at the same time, so I thought it was better to stay home than go to placement and perhaps spread germs which the patient’s cannot have…. Obviously.
So I had no choice but to stay home which I think is a pain as being a student nurse I am required to complete a certain amount of hours which I am behind on in this placement.  I think the main reason I have been so ill lately is because of the stress and workload I am dealing with at the moment 😦

I do not mean to moan but it is easier to talk to you all instead of other student nurses as we all have the same problems.  Anyway placement is hard because I do not feel my mentor is giving me the right amount of help and therefore I feel I am behind in training and not learning the nursing skills.  I think I am over thinking it all because I want to pass my second year so badly as it is hard but I do feel I have a lack of knowledge no matter how many times I do try to revise and read up on conditions and treatments.
I do have a huge tendency to stress out, hugely which can cause me to be WAY too emotional, breakout in spots and become extremely tired which is not fair :/

Don’t get me wrong I love nursing and it is very rewarding meeting people and listening to their amazing lifes and knowing I am helping them becoming a part of their life, but some placements are very hard.

So today I feel a little down, but I am trying to catch up on lots of worksheets and revision which has built up, I thought I would have a small break which is why I am creating a post right now.

If you have any post requests please leave comments below or contact me via the social media sites in the right hand bar.

Sorry for the little rant but I feel mentally exhausted.




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