My no makeup – makeup look. (Don’t laugh at the photo).

Hello ladies :p

do not laugh at the photo is was a very early morning and I was so over tired I became silly haha, plus I am in my nurses uniform.

Anyway I did not know what to do for a post today so I thought I would show you all my no makeup makeup look, which is my go to look EVERYDAY as  I get up at 5 AM and leave at like 6:40 AM for my placement only because I refuse to wake up earlier haha.

As you can see I was not enjoying the morning :p hehe.

From the photo it does look like I am wearing no makeup apart from some mascara and lipgloss, however I am wearing primer, concealer, stay matte powder, blush and some bronzer with mascara.
Here is the products I used:

  • Smashbox High definition concealer in fair.
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder.
  • Smashbox blush.
  • Smashbox bronzer.
  • Rimmel London Mascara.
  • Vaseline rosey lips.

Hope you all liked this sorry there wasn’t more photos but I ran out of the products 😦 and have no more money (the joys of being a student eh).

If you want a more in depth post comment below and I will be sure to do a photo step by step.

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