Hard times at university

Hello everyone just a small update on what’s happened this week.

huff….. Well I have been ill to start with, with the worst sore throat imaginable.  
So I missed one of my days of placement and went university twice this week 😦 unfortunately I did not pass my exam yesterday which was a little annoying because that means I am referred and have to retake the exam in the summer.  However I did pass my essay last week with 62% woo.

Feeling a little down lately, especially as my team did not think I contributed enough to the team exam which bugged me a little as the reason for me not contributing was because all the revision was not being retained by my brain lol.

I am just looking forward to my two weeks off for Easter.
I will hopefully be uploading more posts however I haven’t had much money lately so I have not been able to buy any more products to review for you all.
Hopefully I can review my new Veet eyebrow wax strips. And my book that I have nearly finished called Archangels Storm by Nalini Singh.  I may be able to show you all my new purchases as well.

I hope to speak to you all soon sorry for being down lately




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