LUSH: Cupcake face mask review.

Hey everyone I really need to start posting more so I will start writing more lists and try to post more often but I would love for you all to ask what you would like to see.

My post today is on the Cupcake face mask by LUSH.  What I love about LUSH is that all their beauty products are natural and are not full of harsh chemicals.
I have never used a face mask before but I have seen a lot of beauty videos on YouTube where Guru’s such as Nicole Guerrioro have used face masks and they swear by them, so I thought why not.

Lush was very nice and I made the decision for this face mask because it states for oily skin.
OMG this mask is amazing I need to use it more than once a week.  It states to apply the mask all over the skin but not near the eyes and leave for 10 mins.
Washing it off is fun (:P) My sink looked like someone had thrown mud everywhere haha, it was fun taking it off so next time I may use it before I shower.
Anyway the results were amazing, I am prone to blackheads over my nose and chin, well this mask cleaned my skin so well that I had no blackheads anywhere on my skin.
The only thing I do not like about this mask is that is said it smells like chocolate and mint but I find the smell off putting and smells funky, however I would not change the mask as the results are so good.

I definitely recommend this mask to all of you men and women 😉 I made my fiancé use it one night because he has spot prone skin as well as me, and he noticed a huge difference after one use as well.  He also found it hilarious applying it to my face.

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