Estée Lauder trio lipsticks (old favorite).

ImageHello ladies thought I would bring you three lipsticks I was given a few years ago :p and I have been using them again and they are amazing and so colourful, and moisturising 🙂

Image  Image

There was originally four and the fourth was a fantastic vibrant red. However these lipsticks all have a different tone to them. the far left is a more pink colour with a small hint of a sheen to it, the middle lipstick has a maroon colour to it so more of a muddy red which is perfect with a clear gloss over the top.  And the far right is my favourite, it gives the colour of gold and has a sheen to it also, when I wear this lipstick it doesn’t make my lips bold but I love it.

The shades are well named and are gorgeous.
Left-Right we have: Candy, Fig and Tiger eye.

These lipsticks are moist and leave a perfect colour behind and I would definitely recommend these to you all to try.

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