Busy Student Nurse

Hello my lovelies,

I am soo sorry that I have been unable to post anything beauty or book related but I have been super busy lately and will be unable to post anything to you all for another 3 weeks.
At the moment I have just finished producing an essay and poster to submit Tuesday which I finished just today  (phew) just a week early.  This week I have to revise my anatomy and physiology for an exam next Monday which I am scared of as I need to know a lot of conditions, treatments, nursing assessments and medication by then eek.

I then have another two exams followed by a practical exam.
My two exams are okay one is a retake on Randomized controlled trials and the other on conditions and medication calculations which I am more confident on as I did well in that last year.
So far I am happy with my second year of nursing I have passed all my essays so far and only need to retake one exam which was difficult to do.
Compared to last year I had already been referred in two essays but this time last year and was panicking (super stress freak here).

The one test I am nervous for but happy about is my practical which is called an ISCE this year where I need to demonstrate nursing skills on a patient at the university and I will be marked on EVERYTHING that I do from communication, hand washing and personal appearance.

That is all happening in the next 3 weeks, once they are done I will just be in placement until the end of July. but I will be able to read more in June and July and may have more money to review some more beauty products for you all, just bare with me please.  I just need to focus on these few things and then I will be back with a couple months worth of reviews and may have my sister help me too.

My sister may be popping up on my blog as she is moving in with my fiance and I to make it easier with money and so that we can spend some time together before we both go separate for our careers, where ever they may take us.

If you have requests from previous posts about books I have yet to read, or you want to know how I revise, the books I use or more of my life please feel free to comment below or ask me on twitter I am always available to answer them.

Miss you all





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