EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! let the party begin.

Hello,yes you read right I have done all my exams and had my last practical exam this afternoon.I have great news regarding my retake....... I PASSED!!!!!Just to await results from my:coursework2x examspractical.Once I know them I will be happy, I have succeeded further than I thought I would this year.  I have done better than... Continue Reading →


EXAMS DONE! now time for my ISCE

Hey everyone, above is how I feel Lol.  So cute!Anyway I completed my last written exam today and I am pretty proud of myself and think I have passed. All I have left is my practical exam next Tuesday which is called an ISCE, I will find out tomorrow what my ISCE will be on which... Continue Reading →

Revision, exams and life.

Hello everyone, Well revision started again today with drug calculations, infection control, and different types of infections...... I have no idea where my brain will fit all this information but tomorrow I have to remember the names of different heart rates and to tell if they are shock able or not :/ as well as... Continue Reading →

Retake complete.

Hey Well that is my retake complete (Gulp). I get annoyed that out of everything I revise, they always put the small details as the questions in the exam -_-. I know they are testing knowledge but please actually ask the main parts. I hope to never have to look at randomised controlled trials ever... Continue Reading →

Wish me luck!

Hello all my lovely followers, thankyou for sticking around after all my moaning lately, it means so much to have people support me and tell me about how they are, and to remind me that I am not alone in my problems and that there are people out there in the same situation who have... Continue Reading →

Why is stress so mean.

RANT WARNING!Hey everyone sorry I have been so quiet AGAIN.I am super stressed out and emotional lately that I am snapping at my finacé constantly :(I have two exams this week followed by a practical the week after, I am also trying to clean and pack as we are moving to a house with my... Continue Reading →

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