Month: June 2014

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! let the party begin.

yes you read right I have done all my exams and had my last practical exam this afternoon.
I have great news regarding my retake……. I PASSED!!!!!
Just to await results from my:
2x exams

Once I know them I will be happy, I have succeeded further than I thought I would this year.  I have done better than I thought, so many people said the second year was hardest but I have done well.
I just have my placement book to finish and I am complete. 

I am moving out of my flat Saturday, Craig and I are so excited to move to our new house, just need to get a few ideas on decor as the kitchen is old fashioned and dark brown eek.
Cannot wait for my little sister to come and live with me too, we hope to record some youtube videos as well as maybe do a few blog posts together if you’re interested.
Suggestions below please on what you want to see me talk about next and what you want me and my sis to do 😀
Missed you all once I have moved except a lot more blog posts.

This is me today, and my new hair cut from Friday 😀 a happy girly today.




EXAMS DONE! now time for my ISCE

Hey everyone, above is how I feel Lol.  So cute!

Anyway I completed my last written exam today and I am pretty proud of myself and think I have passed. 
All I have left is my practical exam next Tuesday which is called an ISCE, I will find out tomorrow what my ISCE will be on which is exciting as I will have the weekend to revise.

Lets hope that I have done enough to pass my 
poster and essay
and the past two exams I have done.

If I have passed then that is my done for my second year of nursing, just have to complete my OAR book which is on placement and then finish my placement in July and I am FINISHED!!!!!

Eeek looking forward to reading all my new books and getting a tan 🙂

Better get packing for my move a week on Saturday eek.

Speak to you all soon



Revision, exams and life.

315792_121592681275573_100002745266286_95588_1387524316_nHello everyone,
Well revision started again today with drug calculations, infection control, and different types of infections…… I have no idea where my brain will fit all this information but tomorrow I have to remember the names of different heart rates and to tell if they are shock able or not :/ as well as remember emergency situations…. EEK! Does someone feel nice enough to help me.
The exam Thursday will hopefully be my last if I have passed it all and passed my essays (Lets hope then I can enjoy my summer). I then have a practical test the week after, once complete I will just need to focus on my community placement and remembering how wounds heal.

Craig and I are getting on better, just hope a job comes through soon because we surely need one.  I have stopped pestering him, which I think he is happy for.
Bless he deals with so much, I stress, cry, yell, all the time.  And he deals with my mood swings so well where as most guys would have left me, by mood swings I could laugh one second and yell and cry the next.
Craig and I have been together 5 years and 3 months, and we have been through so much more than most couples our age, such as family loss, family arguments, financial hardship, college and university, renting together, growing up so fast.   which has only made us stronger so I am so thankful he is with me.

I have started to get the bills started for us to move, we have a date set for the 21st of this month, and have officially booked a removal company.  I am so excited our new place will be so much cheaper and a lot bigger. Hopefully the stress on the relationship will get a lot better, and we can actually enjoy each others company.

Speak soon


Retake complete.

Well that is my retake complete (Gulp).
I get annoyed that out of everything I revise, they always put the small details as the questions in the exam -_-.
I know they are testing knowledge but please actually ask the main parts.

I hope to never have to look at randomised controlled trials ever again. 😦

I am terrible at multiple choice. Even though the answers are there, I find the way they word questions is mean, especially long worded questions…. am I the only one who finds this annoying?
Anyway it is all over, now it is time for me to revise drug calculations and common nursing principles for my next exam. Wish me luck, I need it !

Speak soon,

Wish me luck!

Hello all my lovely followers, thankyou for sticking around after all my moaning lately, it means so much to have people support me and tell me about how they are, and to remind me that I am not alone in my problems and that there are people out there in the same situation who have succeeded and fought through everything.

Well my exam is tomorrow on Randomised controlled trials :-/ bearing in mind this will be a retake, does anyone want to talk my place?

I also have to do my practical prep tomorrow morning before the exam, so back into my uniform it is, going to be so uncomfortable in the exam.

I am so tired it is unreal, but wanted to update you all on what I am doing as my last post on stress seemed to be a big hit.

I will be reading again soon, at the moment my reading includes anatomy and physiology as well as general nursing care, and drug calculations :-p are you mind boggled yet haha.

However starting next week I can get back into reading the latest house of night book 🙂 I am so looking forward to that, and I better get packing as we move on the 21st YAY! into a 2 bed house with my little sister.