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Hey everyone sorry I have been so quiet AGAIN.

I am super stressed out and emotional lately that I am snapping at my finacé constantly 😦

I have two exams this week followed by a practical the week after, I am also trying to clean and pack as we are moving to a house with my sister to make it cheaper for us. And doing placement 5 days a week.

But what is really stressing me out is that myself and my fiancé have no money and we cannot get help anywhere, the university say that I am not in an emergency, the banks can’t help, and neither can the council.

I am a full time student and my fiancé works on commission, we are trying to find him a new job as he is a mechanic and plumber but no one will take him as he has no experience, how stupid is that.
I worry about where the rent and bills are going to come from in the next couple months.
But what annoys me most is that we are hard working people and the country cannot help people like us in financial situations. 😥 

I just hope something picks up in a minute because I am so close to a melt down it is unreal.

Sorry for the rant everyone please understand that this is why I am not posting at the moment because blogging is the last thing on my mind at the moment. But I do miss it.

Love Hannah