Wish me luck!

Hello all my lovely followers, thankyou for sticking around after all my moaning lately, it means so much to have people support me and tell me about how they are, and to remind me that I am not alone in my problems and that there are people out there in the same situation who have succeeded and fought through everything.

Well my exam is tomorrow on Randomised controlled trials :-/ bearing in mind this will be a retake, does anyone want to talk my place?

I also have to do my practical prep tomorrow morning before the exam, so back into my uniform it is, going to be so uncomfortable in the exam.

I am so tired it is unreal, but wanted to update you all on what I am doing as my last post on stress seemed to be a big hit.

I will be reading again soon, at the moment my reading includes anatomy and physiology as well as general nursing care, and drug calculations :-p are you mind boggled yet haha.

However starting next week I can get back into reading the latest house of night book 🙂 I am so looking forward to that, and I better get packing as we move on the 21st YAY! into a 2 bed house with my little sister.



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