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Hey everyone, above is how I feel Lol.  So cute!

Anyway I completed my last written exam today and I am pretty proud of myself and think I have passed. 
All I have left is my practical exam next Tuesday which is called an ISCE, I will find out tomorrow what my ISCE will be on which is exciting as I will have the weekend to revise.

Lets hope that I have done enough to pass my 
poster and essay
and the past two exams I have done.

If I have passed then that is my done for my second year of nursing, just have to complete my OAR book which is on placement and then finish my placement in July and I am FINISHED!!!!!

Eeek looking forward to reading all my new books and getting a tan 🙂

Better get packing for my move a week on Saturday eek.

Speak to you all soon