EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! let the party begin.

yes you read right I have done all my exams and had my last practical exam this afternoon.
I have great news regarding my retake……. I PASSED!!!!!
Just to await results from my:
2x exams

Once I know them I will be happy, I have succeeded further than I thought I would this year.  I have done better than I thought, so many people said the second year was hardest but I have done well.
I just have my placement book to finish and I am complete. 

I am moving out of my flat Saturday, Craig and I are so excited to move to our new house, just need to get a few ideas on decor as the kitchen is old fashioned and dark brown eek.
Cannot wait for my little sister to come and live with me too, we hope to record some youtube videos as well as maybe do a few blog posts together if you’re interested.
Suggestions below please on what you want to see me talk about next and what you want me and my sis to do 😀
Missed you all once I have moved except a lot more blog posts.

This is me today, and my new hair cut from Friday 😀 a happy girly today.




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