30 day workout

Quick update,  day two and I am already burning and feeling the exercises already! Yesterday I did all 3 exercises (cardio, thighs and bikini body). Today I have only done the thighs and bikini body, I will weigh myself at the end of the week just to see if I have lost any weight.  My... Continue Reading →


New workout… 30 day challenge.

Hey everyone 🙂 Just an update on what I have been doing lately.  I am currently working on my body starting today! I decided this after I stood on the scales the other day and saw I have put on 3 stone in 2 yrs. Really scary!!! So I thought I better make a change... Continue Reading →

100+ Followers

So excited to have finally reached  Thankyou to those of you that have followed me and supported me I hope to reach 200+ by Christmas.ThankyouLove Hannah

A Touch Of Crimson: Sylvia Day, Book review.

Hello my book lovers out there, today I am bringing you a new series by Sylvia Day, this book was suggested to me on my Instagram account as I love fantasy books.This book includes vampires, Angels, Seraphim and many other "breeds", each character has evolved by making bad/good mistakes.The two main characters in this book... Continue Reading →

Sister Tag

 All links are to the right or go directly to youtube for both my sisters and my links.  I hope you all enjoy please ask questions below or future videos. Love Hannah and Anastasia.xoxox

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