EXAMS OVER/ MOVED….. bring on summer.

Well hello all my lovely people.

I do apologise that I have been unable to post in a very long time.
I have now officially moved into my new house with my fiancé and my sister 🙂 and we are finally settled, the last two weeks have been absolutely manic, NEVER am I moving again lol.

All my exams are now over I have passed everything so far I am just awaiting results on two exams and one essay.  Thank goodness for that I really hope to enjoy my summer this year as last year I had to resubmit 2 essays which took up a lot of time.
However looking at the lovely British weather I wonder whether we will have a summer haha.

Anyway I am really tight with money at the moment however I have just recently finished my book on the House of night novels if anyone is interested in a book review please comment below.
I have also been trying to customise the new home so there may be photos soon because I would love all of your ideas on how I can make my kitchen especially brighter and happier (it is old fashioned with dark brown wood effect doors lol).

I am now off for a good nap and to read my new book “A Touch Of Crimson” by Sylvia day which was suggested to me on Instagram :).

Hope to speak to you all soon.
Miss you all




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