A House of Night novel review: Revealed


For all my House of night fans out there here is the review of the latest book, and it is still not the end.

Drastically altered after her fall.  Neferet is clinging to life with one goal in mind: to regain her strength.  But she’s still capable of deadly harm.  and her quest for vengeance wreak havoc at the house of night.

To make matters worse, somethings going on with Zoey – and not a fun kind of something.  She’s feeling strange and stressed all the time, which shouldn’t be a surprise.  Considering a powerful immortal is on the loose and shes having some boyfriend issues.  Again. But is there something bigger at work?  Z might not have long to find out.  Light and darkness are out of balance.  Awakening old magick.  And old magick always demands a sacrifice.

I love these books however the downside is as the books are carrying on  there is reduced action in them now and more suspense.  Because these books have been carrying on for years and this is the 11th, I feel something should have happened by now however the story carries on.

But saying that I do like that we get to see what Zoey and the other characters are getting up to in the story, and it is not rushed.

Poor Zoey in this book is experiencing a lot of changes and her seer stone is heating up ALL the time, and with Heath popping up here and there she is struggling to deal with her emotions and new power that is developing before her.

In the book you see the whole circle of friends begin to pull together and grow up, as the reality and severity of the situation really begins to sink in.
We even see a change in Aphrodite in this book and how she now uses her True Sight to warn others of what will happen, and what she begins to see happen with Zoey begins to change the whole dynamic of the circle. what will the group do in the next book now that Zoey has made HUGE decisions which could cause drastic consequences against Neferet who is back, and what will happen as her relationships begin to fall apart before everyone’s eyes.

I would love to hear what you all think will happen in the next book, below in the comments section.
I am looking forward to the next book as I feel all the books will be leading up to a HUGE ending.



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