Keep it SIMPLE! Beauty products.

Left-Right: Face wash Gel, Purifying cleansing lotion, Smoothing facial scrub, Pore minimising toner cleanser.

Hello my lovelies.

I told you I would be back and here I am, I thought I would share with you what I am using for my skin routine which is really helping me.  Due to me being stressed lately my spots have been uncontrollable, I have had 3 blind spots and a few small white heads (YUK I know!)
I know in the past I raved about my soap from LUSH however it did not seem to be working so I thought I would go back to my old faithful skin routine and add a few items I have not used before.

Now some of you may not read my blog.
My skin tends to get very oily no matter what I use, therefore I am very prone to blackheads and small white heads over my nose and around my chin :/ not fun.

Above is the amazing four SIMPLE products I have used, and within a week I have seen a difference in my face it is now a lot calmer and my spots are beginning to disappear.
My routine is:

– The face Gel.
– Smoothing facial scrub (I only use this twice a week because of my oily skin sometimes 3x).
– Toner.
– Purifying Lotion.

I do this twice a day if I can, or I try to do it in the evening after all the dirt and oils that have been left on my face from the day.  Using all four of these products I have noticed a huge difference with my face, I have even gone back to using my Simple face wipes to remove my makeup.

I definitely recommend these products to you all as they are so kind to the skin because they do not contain any perfumes or harsh chemicals, and they are so cheap to buy and Boots usually offer a 3 for 2 deal on Simple.

For more information please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

I hope to post more to you all in the future I have a blog post coming soon and another post on some salt sprays for your hair, again I apologise to you all if I haven’t posted in ages but I have been so busy with Nursing.

Love Hannah




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