New workout… 30 day challenge.

Hey everyone 🙂

Just an update on what I have been doing lately.  I am currently working on my body starting today! I decided this after I stood on the scales the other day and saw I have put on 3 stone in 2 yrs. Really scary!!! So I thought I better make a change and get the body that I used to have back.

Now I know a lot of you will say “another person losing weight”. I am not going to boast at the end of this I just need to do this for myself.   I have a very supportive fiancé who has to deal with me complaining about my weight and I want to get back to what I was when I met him.  I am very self concious of my weight and I am noticing my nurses uniform getting tighter and my clothes are smaller :-(.  The reason for my weight gain is stress, mixed with a heart condition which has been sorted, this stopped me from working out, I was over eating and really was worrying about other issues rather than looking after myself.

I have decided to take two of the 30 day challenges. One is for the thighs and the other is a bikini body workout.  I am also going to do normal cardio exercises alongside every other day just to get my heart pumping.
I am not doing this to flaunt my body, I am doing this so that I can do everyday activities easier and fit into my clothes comfortably,  and to feel happier about myself.  My target weight is 12 stone,  my current weight this morning was 13.13 stone :-(.

I hope you can all follow me in my challenge and support me in this decision as I really need the push.

For more updates comment below, lets see how much I can lose in 30 days.

Love Hannah xoxoxo


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