Month: August 2014

Last year of university

Well hello there.
I have now enrolled for my third and final yesr of university studying nursing…. eeek! Super scared as this is it soon I will be on my own, however I can’t wait to be out of education and earning my own wage.
I need to have a look into what books I need which will mainly be for my dissertation, any tips on how to kaoe a dissertation good would really help :-).

I now know my first placement of this year which will be on a respiratory ward, really excited about that! Will get me to specialise in a specific area. So my parents bought me a stethoscope and pulse oximeter so I won’t need to look for machines on the ward.  I know now in this placement I will be expected to know a lot more as well as do a lot of care on my own with just supervision, this way I will learn the priorities.

If anyone has any recommendations for respiratory care please comment below I am willing to get what ever will help me.

Love Hannah


A shade of Vampire: Book review.

Hello everyone.  I was told to read this book by a lovely follower on my Instagram account.  I liked the reviews I saw of this book and it fits into the genre of books that I love to read.  This book had vampires, love and action.  Who wouldn’t love that.  This author is new to me she does not have a Twitter account so I had little to go on, but Bella Forrest is amazing from what I have read and I am now onto the 3rd book of this series which I will review soon.  A shade of Vampire is the first in this series and the second is a shade of vampire.

The two main characters in this series are Sofia Claremont and Derek Novak.  Sofia is a regular 17 year old however she has been left to be raised by her dads friend and family, after her mother was taken to be cared for as Sofia’s dad saw her as mentally unfit.  Derek Novak on the other hand is a vampire who has been asleep for just over 400 years, but he was told he would sleep for eternity.

Now they both live completely different lives, Sofia is more of a loner and only really talks to her best friend Ben who she has a huge crush on but she also lives with (imagine how hard that is).  Where as Derek is centuries old and has now awoken to a completely different world where he is seen as the prince and expected to rule and save the Shade which is an island where the vampires of this can live.

Everything changes for Sofia on the night of her birthday when she feels everyone has forgotten her birthday, she takes a long walk on the beach at night, only to be taken by one of the vampires back to the Shade where she is to be offered to Derek as a “TREAT”.

However Derek see’s more in Sofia than he should have and no longer wants to kill her but infact he wants to keep her safe with him and never wants her to leave him no matter what it takes. 
The relationship between these two is amazing!

I love how Bella Forrest (the author) has split the book by each chapter being a different character, this way I was able to really visualise the life of each of these characters and really get to know what makes them what they are.  I fell in love with both Derek and Sofia as they are perfect for each other and bring the best side out of each other.  The only character I could not warm to was Ben who is Sofia’s best friend, the vibe I got from him was that he is way to overprotective and really doesn’t take what Sofia wants into consideration.

The story line of this book is amazing and well thought out, nothing is rushed, and every detail and question is covered in this book.

The only issue I had with this book is that it was really short with only 142 pages which is a small amount for me, as well as the book size which was too big for the amount of pages, making it difficult to hold compared to a normal size book.  I loved the cover of the book, the darkness of the cover reminds me of Derek and the woman on the front who looks like an angel in a long white dress is obviously  Sofia, I feel it symbolises that Sofia is Derek’s savior, you will understand what I mean when you read the story :). Such a plain front cover yet it is so bold with red writing.  The cover of Bella’s books are very enticing.

I would definitely recommend this book to those of you who love fantasy, I read this book in two hours that is how glued I was to the book.  Once reading the first you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading the second, just give it a go :).  I will be writing the review for the second book soon if you want to know more about the series.  For more updates follow me on Instagram:  hannahbunz and twitter: creechhan.  I always update and share photos of what is next.  I hope you enjoyed this book review and I will be back soon.


Love Hannah


Book review: A hunger so wild- Sylvia Day.

ello my lovelies, today I bring you a BOOK REVIEW!!!

First of all LOVED this book and the first one. As some of you may know who follow me, I am in love with books containing, romance, fantasy and action.  Well this book contains all of that.

This book focused on an intense relationship between Vashti a higher vampires second in command and Elijah who is an Alpha male in his pack.  Elijah was involved in the first book when he worked for the Angel Adrian, where as in this book he becomes a man on his own who must prove to his pack that he is the Alpha male and that they should all follow him.  Vashti gets involved because her boss Syre makes her join legions with the Alpha so that the vampires and Lycans can get revenge on the Angels.

The relationship between Vashti and Elijah is hot, erotic and a competition.  They both push each other to new levels as they both test the authority each of them hold.

We get to see Adrian and Lindsay appear again through this book and how they are feeling about Elijah leaving them both and what they are to do between protecting themselves or caring that their friend will come back to them.
In the few chapters where these two come back we see how Lindsay is making Adrian more human as she makes him open up and release those emotions in order to get him closer to humanity.

The cliffhanger is a small extract of the next book where the fight continues.

I loved how the book showed everyone’s story and how everyone was dealing with the war that is about to strike.  Again this book has a glossary at the beginning of the book as I am getting the hang of what each character is sometimes we all need a little refresher.

  I wish we did not have to wait so long for the next book in the series to come out, which unfortunately will not be until 2016 which is a very long time to wait.  I believe this is because Sylvia Day writes a lot of series and that she tends to focus on one series at a time which leaves us all hanging on.

I definitely recommend this book to all of you who like the same books as me as this book and the first contain everything a book lover wants, romance, action, fantasy and so much more.

The next book I am reviewing is “A shade of Vampire” by Bella Forrest which was recommended to me by a follower of mine on Twitter.

Speak to you all soon,
Hannah xoxox

Losing weight!

Yay! I know this isn’t a lot but I have lost 2lbs this week, anf I wasn’t even eating less. This week I am eating less and healthy,  and intensing my exercise.

I have stopped the bikini body challenge I was unable to do what it expected,  I think that challenge would be better for people who have been working out for a while but want to get that body faster.

now I am doing more cardio and legs 🙂 lets see what happens this week.

Love Hannah xoxox