Last year of university

Well hello there. I have now enrolled for my third and final yesr of university studying nursing.... eeek! Super scared as this is it soon I will be on my own, however I can't wait to be out of education and earning my own wage. I need to have a look into what books I... Continue Reading →


A shade of Vampire: Book review.

Hello everyone.  I was told to read this book by a lovely follower on my Instagram account.  I liked the reviews I saw of this book and it fits into the genre of books that I love to read.  This book had vampires, love and action.  Who wouldn't love that.  This author is new to... Continue Reading →

Losing weight!

Yay! I know this isn't a lot but I have lost 2lbs this week, anf I wasn't even eating less. This week I am eating less and healthy,  and intensing my exercise. I have stopped the bikini body challenge I was unable to do what it expected,  I think that challenge would be better for... Continue Reading →

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