Last year of university

Well hello there.
I have now enrolled for my third and final yesr of university studying nursing…. eeek! Super scared as this is it soon I will be on my own, however I can’t wait to be out of education and earning my own wage.
I need to have a look into what books I need which will mainly be for my dissertation, any tips on how to kaoe a dissertation good would really help :-).

I now know my first placement of this year which will be on a respiratory ward, really excited about that! Will get me to specialise in a specific area. So my parents bought me a stethoscope and pulse oximeter so I won’t need to look for machines on the ward.  I know now in this placement I will be expected to know a lot more as well as do a lot of care on my own with just supervision, this way I will learn the priorities.

If anyone has any recommendations for respiratory care please comment below I am willing to get what ever will help me.

Love Hannah


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