A castle of sand: Book review.

Today I bring you all the third installment of A shade of vampire, A castle of sand.  Here are the links to the first two books that I reviewed.
Book 1: https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/a-shade-of-vampire-book-review/ 
Book 2: https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/a-shade-of-blood-book-review/

What Sofia has with Derek feels like a sandcastle; temporary and something that the waves of the life and time will soon win…

Since the return of Gregor Novak, the island has turned several shades darker,  His hatred toward Sofia and thirst for fresh blood lead to a brutal war igniting between father and son.

Meanwhile the hunter’s are gaining formidable strength and resources by the day; they know that the safety of the shade hands entirely on its ability to remain hidden from them.

And a sinister secret lies in wait for Sofia within the bowels of an Egyptian desert a secret that threatens to crush her sandcastle much sooner than she could have expected….

Gregor Novak comes to claim his throne from his son Derek, and to change all rules set by Derek and to get rid of Sofia and her influence on his son.
Due to Gregor’s return Derek is reminded that his slaves/friends as well as Sofia after a year either have to be killed, turned into a vampire or sent to the Catacombs where all humans are to spend the rest of their lives.  With this decision Sofia has to decide what she is too do with her life if she is to show her love to Derek.  To give her the space Derek makes a pent house in the catacombs much to the disgust of the other humans living there.

War is only just beginning with Derek and Gregor, however to make things worse Sofia realises her mother is no longer human but a sick twisted vampire just like Gregor.

This book is well done, I love how Bella has included the end of the book into the first chapter, therefore there was suspense all the way through the book because I knew there was going to be a fight but the whole book took me on a long journey to find out how Sofia and Derek got themselves into a win or die situation.
The story line just gets better and better, this book was my favourite so far because I was getting to know nearly all the characters, and the story line is coming together making it easier to understand what makes people the way they are, however there are still some secrets left to uncover which is great when leading each book into one another.
The evil is intensified and so is the relationship between Sofia and Derek.

If you read my other reviews you will see that I rave about this book all the time.

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Love Hannah



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