Fave nightwear

My sister bought me this beauty of a dressing gown for Christmas and I am in love 😀 it is so soft and fluffy, and the hood is the cutest thing ever. This is from Marks and spencer. I am looking for every excuse to wear it and it's what I am going to wear... Continue Reading →


Captivated by you: Book review.

Hello my bookwormies. All I can say is WOW!  This book was not what I was expecting, and the story is still carrying on with two complex people Eva and Gideon. This is the fourth book in the bared to you series,  A crossfire novel.  Sylvia Day has announced that there is a 5th book... Continue Reading →


My outfit today all from H&M and the wooly hat is from Marks and Spencer. I have a long strappy grey top on, a cream medium length sleeved top and a black and white light weight cardigan which is lovely and long, and paired it all with my black leggings. Hannah Xoxo

New hair cut and OOTD

Hey everyone, I had some Christmas money so thought I would buy a few things, got my hair cut into a long bob so I can still tie it up 😊 and with my natural curly hair it looks good. I also went to H&M this week and bought a lot of tops to wear... Continue Reading →

No book reviews

Hey everyone, I apologize that I haven't wrote a review for over a week. I am struggling, I have been sent a lot of books for review and it is taking me a while to review them all. I do love my books don't get me wrong but I am finding it hard to make... Continue Reading →

Makeup look

Hey everyone this is my hair and makeup look for tonight. I am going see the coca cola lorry yay. For details on this look comment down below. And for more follow me on Instagram (Hannahbunz) or tweet me (creechhan). Hannah Xoxox

Captivated by you!

Because no book is better than this at the moment 😜😘 bring it on. Hannah Xoxox Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (creechhan) and Instagram (Hannahbunz) for regular updates.

Left to chance: a book review.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? As Eliza sits miserably sipping her glass of champagne at her best friend’s wedding, she can’t help but notice that Gabe, her sworn enemy is also in attendance. Eliza looks to liquor to cure her disdain. Once inebriated, her inhibitions become lacking and she finds herself in... Continue Reading →

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