No book reviews

Hey everyone, I apologize that I haven’t wrote a review for over a week. I am struggling, I have been sent a lot of books for review and it is taking me a while to review them all.

I do love my books don’t get me wrong but I am finding it hard to make time to read which is upsetting.
University at the moment is crazier than I thought, those of you who follow me know I am a nursing student and in my last year. At the moment I am studying for an essay due at the end of January which is taking a lot of time because of the research I need to do.
Another problem I have is my eyes, I haven’t had an eye test in over a year so my eyes are becoming worse even when I wear glasses, my sight is more blurry than normal and my eyes feel like they are on fire, I know this is from spending a lot of studying and uni time staring at a computer or a PowerPoint, this is making me to tired to read.

I promise I will be reviewing faster soon, but at the moment please bare with me I just need a little time to read these books. Hopefully when I get new glasses I will feel better and less lethargic.

Thank you all of you for still following, book blogging and beauty blogging is a dream come true for me, and to share it with you all is amazing. Shame it’s not a full time job eh?



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