One of those days


Hey lovelies,

It has been one of those weekends.

I have moved my bedroom around, now I realise how bare my walls are, I need to get some pictures and decorations and make this room gorgeous.

I am planning to write two essays for my final year of nursing, I have emailed placement to organise when I start in March, and I emailed my elective placement for nursing at my dream job.

Guess what???? I have a job interview for the dream job 😀 super excited!

I am still currently reading a blaze of sun by Bella Forrest, which is amazing I just have to find the time as the next few months are manic! But trust me fellow book worms I will complete it as I have a few other books to read, and a few review requests.

The hardest thing this month is starting to lose weight. As some of you know I have tried for ages and if you follow me on Twitter you will see all my enquiries into what’s fast and easy. 😫 I hate working out but I have been gaining weight really fast lately and I really want to lose my weight especially for my graduation this year, however my sister loves take aways and I give in so easily 😖 oops. Has anyone got any tips to help me lose the weight fast as well as keeping my will power?

I miss you all please follow me on Twitter (creechhan) and you can always tweet me I will always reply fast!

And don’t forget to follow my blog and have a good look.




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