Miss you! 

Hey, I keep saying this but I am so sorry for not posts or book reviews, at the moment I am in my last year of nursing and have an essay due next Thursday and then a research dissertation due for the end of May and they are taking up a lot of my spare time as well as going to placement and university 😳.  It’s a busy life, I’m posting this right before a shift as well today 😝 early riser.

Quick update though I am trying to lose weight, lol trying being the big word here as I usually struggle to stick to a diet and exercise programme 😜 easily bored me.

For those of you looking for a healthy breakfast this one I did it lovely, I don’t feel bloated at all after and it keeps me really full until lunch time depending on when I eat it.  It’s far free yoghurt, granola, and summer fruits.  I absolutely love it and it’s so easy to do now. 

If you read my last post I am reading but slowly as its when and if I have time at the moment, and usually after a shift I just want to go to bed, I get that tired.

I need to buy a few more books as after the current read I only have one left 😱 how did I let my list get that small.   So if you have any suggestions leave them below I love fantasy and romance.

Love Hannah 


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