Angel’s Flight: Nalini Singh.

I am currently reading this book by Nalini Singh.  This book contains 4 short stories: Angel’s pawn, Angel’s judgement, Angel’s wolf, and finally Angel’s Dance.

I have been reading this book for a couple months now which is NAUGHTY of me!  I am currently on Angel’s wolf.  I love this book so far as the stories are very short meaning the story cuts to the chase and I didn’t have to wait to see what happened to the characters.
This book ties into the main series, guild hunter series.  My favourite story so far is Angel’s judgement because if you have read the main series already like I have then you will already know who Sara and Deacon are.  This short story explains how the two meet.  Each individual character has their own enchanting background which will leave you wanting to know more.

I believe that the whole book has a romantic base, with two separate people coming together either to fight or protect one another, which leads them into each others arms  (I am a sucker for romance).

So far the book has been really good I just wish I had more time to read so that I can catch up with the story line and read the next book in the Guild hunter series.  If you want fantasy, vampires, angels and hunters then you have to read this series I have raved about it so many times before :p and the author is so lovely and replied to tweets with any answers you may have.
Now this book is available I believe as separate books however I bought mine as one which is easier I think. I won’t give you an overall book review at the end as there is nothing bad about this book, its descriptive, sets the scene and really gives good grounding on what the life was like for the characters in the past before they all became involved with Raphael (Who you will know is an Archangel if you read the series).

Please suggest more books for me to read below I have a few book reviews to do which have been requested however they are more erotic so please suggest a different genre if you prefer below.

Love Hannah


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