Month: August 2015

Cover Reveal: Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

I have just recovered after receiving this in my inbox. Think mass hyperventilation. Hey, you all know what a perv I am when it comes to NA CR books, so no apologies from me. I am a HUGE Penelope Ward fan, so I am over the moon to bring you the cover reveal of her…


I’m a nurse

I cannot believe it but friday was my last day in this uniform as a student nurse.

For those that have followed me on Twitter or this blog know that the last 3 years have been a struggle for me.  Myself and Craig (my fiancé). Have moved in together, struggled with money which meant I was close to dropping out of uni, moving again but my sister lived with us for 1 year.  I have also struggled with the course as I have had to resubmit essays 😔, those times were the hardest,   However now I am finished, and will be a staff nurse starting my first job in 2-3 weeks time 😁.

I am finally able to wear my blue uniform and put all my learning into practice finally with my own patients.  Obviously I still have a long way to go and more learning, as with this career I will never know enough and therefore need to make sure I keep my knowledge up to date.

I am looking forward to my graduation which is on the 26th September 😆 I think my mum is more excited than me haha.

This is such a huge milestone for me and I thank you all for coming on this journey with me.  And I hope to give you more of my time as now I will have the money and resources to make this blog better than it has been, but of course I still need a month to achieve this. 😀 

If you have questions please leave them in the comment section and feel free to tweet me @creechhan 😀 I will reply straight away I promise.
Love Hannah xx ( STAFF NURSE COURT) hehe  

Nursing update

hey all,

I am 3 weeks away from the end of my nursing degree, it has been a long 3 years! 

Currently I am re writing an essay for a resubmission as well as finishing my elective placement for my new job 😊 which I hopefully start 7/9/15 eek.  The last 3 years have been a struggle even now I have no money and am just keeping things together.  However the first months wages will be worth it.

I am finally getting back into my books with reviews lined up and my own books to read, there will be reviews coming.  I just miss blogging so much but university has been a big priority lately and I have had a lot to figure out.  If you follow me on Twitter I am trying to tweet more for you all my name on there is @creechhan 😊. 

I miss you all and I miss my books.  I can’t wait to write again and review more beauty products when I get more money. 

Love Hannah x