I graduated 🎓

                  If you want to see more comment below, I am a graduate nurse now.... More on my Instagram : hannahbunz 


First day as a nurse 

      Oh my god today was amazing! I can now say I am a nurse which was such a weird feeling.... It's amazing how much changes from being a student to a nurse.  Doctors spoke more to me and really wanted to hear my decision, and I took more control and made more decisions... Continue Reading →

Battle between books and Kindles

   Hey all, I do love my books. The feel of a good book, completing the books and seeing what you have read, displaying the book.   However there is the battle between books and kindles that is ongoing.  Yes I do own kindle which has helped, mainly for travelling, and when I'm sent books... Continue Reading →

New book: finding immortal!

    Hello everyone it's been a while since we have all seen me post about a book! 😨. Well I am going tostart reading  this book called Finding immortal is the second book in the series, I did leave a review in the past about the first book called fractured immortal, the first book was... Continue Reading →

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