Don’t judge a book by it’s movie (Little Rant)

To me this picture speaks a lot,and can be applied to a lot of films two major films I can think of are Twilight and Fifty shades of grey.

I read both series before the making of the films were announced, I loved the books and fell in love with the stories and characters.  However the films really disappointed me.

twilight saga:  this was the first young adult series I owned when I was about 14-15 years of age.  These books made me love fantasy books and I couldn’t stop reading them.  Now when I heard the films were being made I was so excited and even made my sister read the books and she too become a huge fan.  When the films came out I didn’t LOVE them, they were okay and I sort of enjoyed watching them but I was disappointed with the lack of book content and felt a lot was missed out, and what I enjoyed reading wasn’t portrayed well onto the screen.  

fifty shades of Grey: well this film was the biggest disappointment out of the two series.  This was another series I read years ago!  The film I felt portrayed Christian as a sexual sadist who didn’t care for Anastasias feelings, and seeing what people posted on social media about the film portraying a controlling boyfriend who beats his girlfriend up, really made me angry.  I was always repeating myself and telling everyone….. Have you read the book?……. When people replied no I suggested to them that they do.  The book showed more of a romance and growing relationship which was built on trust for both characters, than the sex that the film showed.  The film completely forgot the story behind the characters!

I have really strong feelings about books being made into films, I just wish other people who judge a film would read the books and understand the authors creation! 

If I’m not the only one who thinks this please comment below. 😊


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