Fast/cheap/easy way to clean makeup brushes.

Hey everyone today I’m bringing you a quick post about how I cleaned ,y makeup brushes the fast and easy way, which I would share with you because it was the best way for me out of all the other ways I tried.

In the past I have tried cleaning solutions which haven’t always worked the best, I have also tried shampoo and rinsing the brushes in the sink however they never came up to be completely clean no matter how many videos I watched.

Today I had enough of my dirty brushes after putting off cleaning the, for so long and I couldn’t be bothered to do the long way.  The other day I saw a video of someone cleaning their beauty blender with a bar of soap, they used Dove soap, and the beauty blender was gorgeous.  So the only soap I had laying around was a bar of imperial leather.

What I did whilst showering I brought my makeup brushes with me and decided to clean them in the shower (it saves time and I’m lazy 😝).  So I made sure I aimed the brushes down so that no water went into the handle which can detach hairs.  Next I got the bar of soap wet and rubbed the brush into it, rinsing the soap and brush off as I went, it took me about 20 seconds to clean one brush…… That’s a time saver! My brushes have never felt or looked cleaner…. But like i said he trick is to aim the brush down and the handle up so that the water doesn’t go inside the handle.  With my beauty blender I rubbed the whole sponge in the soap before getting it wet and then rinsed the sponge in the shower, and giving it a few squeezes and the makeup just came straight off.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before photo of my brushes but believe me they were dirty (embarrassing…. Probably months of makeup) 😣. Here is a pic of my squeaky clean brushes…

I will definitely be cleaning my brushes more often this way as it fits into my schedule and took no time, meaning a once a week clean for them 😀. I hope some of you like this idea and give it a try, I recommend it.  Plus you’re already in the shower so why not. 

Love Hannah


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