Favourite blush: smashbox blush rush

   Hello everyone here is my favourite blush at the moment, these particular blushes are called blush rush by Smashbox.  Costs £22.  I have had this blush for a while now and have hit pan on it recently and it's now become a crumbling mess (boohoo).  I can't remember the shade of my blush all... Continue Reading →


I’m more like dory every day 

   Haha I am more like dory every day, since having my first set of wages I'm trying to save for holidays but now I look at clothes and think "ooo I can buy that now", and Black Friday is this week and I already have a load of clothes lined up oops haha.

Ready for Christmas? 

Hey all are you all ready for Christmas? I can't wait! This weekend I will be putting up all my Christmas decorations which is so fun.  And Craig and I are buying a REAL Christmas tree this year 🤗 so exciting.  Tell me in the comments when you will be getting ready for Christmas?   

Book review: Finding Immortal

   Book 2 in the Award Nominated Bearwood Series .  After losing the love of her life, Ilia Rose will do anything to feel his presence, even if it means freezing or drinking copious amounts of alcohol.  When she learns that Alex is tracking down the remnants of Sol’s army to deliver his own style... Continue Reading →

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