Free book, new release: the seven chambers series

The author of the seven chambers series D.W Marshall will be releasing the third book of her series on the 27th of January called shattered sapphire.  For a limited time the first book of the series Stolen Flame is free on Amazon for the kindle, or kindle app until January 2nd, so get moving and... Continue Reading →


Current read: clash of couples 

      I can't lie I am actually interested in what stories are included in this book as I know many couple mine included argue over the smallest of things which are funny when looking back at them.  This book is selling for £8.05 on Amazon currently.

New makeup brushes

  Hello everyone I recently bought these 5 brushes from Amazon for a only £8.49 with Amazon prime.  Look familiar?  When I first looked at them I thought the real techniques brushes spring to mind.... I was sceptical whether these would be the same as the real techniques brushes especially for the price.  I received... Continue Reading →

My escape

    A book is always an escape from life where you can get lost in the world of others and leave your own world behind.

Mascara review: Miss Sporty

Hello all, I bring you another makeup review.  Now this is a random mascara I just picked up from Boots as my other one was really low.  So i had no one else's opinion to go from and had no idea what the brush was like inside either. First of all I was just looking... Continue Reading →

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