The Reading Slump to End All Reading Slumps

Helllllo readers, today’s post is a little different because I’m not doing a book tag but instead I wanted to talk about my most recent reading-slump. Before I get into it I just wanted to make a note that despite the slump I’ve still being reading and reviewing as you will have probably seen –... Continue Reading →


Eyeshadow palette by W7 review 

   Hey I wanted to review a new eyeshadow palette I bought from W7 via Amazon for just £6, named in the buff.  Now there is only about 3 matte shades the rest have sparkle to them, but not too much, and they are 100% powder, but they blend beautifully. I have used this product... Continue Reading →

Clash of couples review

      Hello all, this is a different book than my normal reviews, this book isn't told by just one author but by a selection of couples who wish to share their relationships and the fights that do not always happen behind closed doors.  Crystal Ponti had the idea of creating this book whilst out... Continue Reading →

New addition 

      This little boy is 8 weeks old and will soon be the new addition to our little family, and after thinking hard about his name we came up with Freddie (because he has a moustache like Freddie Mercury). So he will be the third adopted cat we have from cats protection. The other... Continue Reading →

Clash of couples update

Hey all I thought I would update you with my progress so far I have read about 4 of the stories so far in the book.... Which is not a lot but oh my god I haven't stopped laughing, the stories are so relatable and the arguments the people have in the book are hilarious,... Continue Reading →

New books

I went on a little spending spree via Amazon of course and bought a couple books you have all recommended to me....    I am super excited to read them but I have a few other books to read and review first.  The two young adult fiction books are : 1. Love letters to the... Continue Reading →

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