Clash of couples review

Hello all, this is a different book than my normal reviews, this book isn’t told by just one author but by a selection of couples who wish to share their relationships and the fights that do not always happen behind closed doors.  Crystal Ponti had the idea of creating this book whilst out having a meal with her husband who was not paying much attention but playing clash of clans…. Hence the name clash of couples.  Whilst on the meal they could over hear another couple arguing which of course is interesting, we have all at some point listened in on other peoples arguments.  

The cover is very interesting by portraying Adam and Eve which is unusual, I would like to get your thoughts, so please comment below.

There are many stories that we may all relate to in one way or another, and it’s weirdly nice to know other people have the same arguments as myself… An example was the story titled College boobs! Of course you’re going to have to purchase the book to find out the story but when the wife is angry she pretends to be asleep to see if the man will make any moves to apologise, I know I have done this on multiple occasions haha, and reading that other women do this as well stopped me from feeling so silly.

Some stories on the other hand just made me laugh so hard, one that really stuck with me was called Ham, Tears and one toilet, this is about a couple planning and going on holiday which starts bad and ends as a disaster, my favourite quote was when the wife is yelling at her husband over travel insurance and she turned around and said: “I will shove my foot so far up your ass that I’ll be able to tickle your tonsils with my toenails” whilst her dad is backing her up.   

This book isn’t all from a woman’s point of view, the men’s stories are just as funny and I loved seeing a mans side of a relationship when he wishes his wife wouldn’t treat him like she treats the children, and how men do know how to push their wives patience to a new level.  My fiancé found these stories really funny and admitted that men can have a really good laugh when it comes to arguments.  

I would definitely rate this book a 5, it’s for both men and women and isn’t one sided, I really love hearing other people’s real Life arguments and laughing about them and relating to them, you all should purchase it.  I’m not the only one who loved it.


These are only a couple of reviews…..



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