Meet Freddie

Helol everyone meet my new kitten Freddie, named after the one and only Freddie Mercury because he has a moustache.

Freddie is 10 weeks old now and we rescued him from cats protection he was one of three kittens.  Unfortunately we could only adopt him as we already have two at home, but Freddie had two brothers name Bowie and Ziggy (aka david Bowie).   We Adopted Freddie from cats protection league here in Plymouth.  

He is a very likely kitten, and hardly sleeps, and loves to play.  He is still very cautious of the other two cats and they feel the same about him too.  He has been here a week but it will take our two cats a while to get used to him as they haven’t seen a kitten before, and to them he is a new learning experience.  He is everywhere and very attached to me and Craig(my fiancé) in one of the above pics I left my uniform on the shower floor and he was on them in a shot, he loves anything that’s kind or Craig’s. He is a cutie pie. 


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