Love letters to the dead : book review

I started this book with really high expectations, other book bloggers recommended me this story a while ago, after seeing it on the best sellers list and all over Twitter I thought I would give it a go.  The reviews for the book were great a lot of people said it was an emotional book for them to read and a fantastic point of view however, I was very disappointed!

 The idea behind this book was fantastic: a young girl using letters which she writes to famous dead celebs and popular figures throughout the years, to express her feelings over the recent death of her sister, whilst reminiscing about the celebs because she shared the memories with her sister.  I was expecting a little drama, and something different, I don’t know why but this book didn’t live up to my expectations, and was not what I expected.

From what I read Laurel is a young girl about 13 maybe, her sister May passed away, not only was she her sister but I got the impression that May was Laurels mentor, she would always know the trends, fashion, friends that would be the best.  May was the cool sister who was known by many people and was loved dearly. I think the reason Laurel talks to the dead more is because she feels that they are closer to May and that perhaps they understand her more, especially as she relates to their films, music and lifestyles when she writes her letters.

From my point of view, I found this book a real struggle to read, it was way too young for me, and boring… Normally I’m hooked on books like this but I kept putting this one down. After a month of trying to read it I only got to read 100 pages and decided I didnt want to read it anymore.  I feel this book is for young readers, I wouldn’t class it for young adults really, it’s not like other young adult books I have read, it felt very immature.
The storyline sounded great and the idea of the book being all letters was great, but the actually story did not make me upset or sad and I didn’t feel that the character missed her sister at all. I read two other books yesterday in a day, and this one took me over a month and I didnt  even get halfway through, which for me shows I didn’t love it, and a book that doesn’t grab your attention is not always worth reading until the end.

This is my honest review, of course if you have any comments to make please don’t be afraid to leave them below.




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