Rimmel BB cream review

Hello all,

I have been away for a week in Gran canaria which will explain the no posts.  Before I went away I was very limited to what liquids I could take in my hand luggage, therefor I had to leave a lot of my makeup behind.  Once I got through customs I went to super drug and bought this BB cream.  My reason was it has SPF 25, was a cream and will cover my skin lightly which is all I wanted.

I was extremely disappointed with this product however.  The colour tone was just right for my complexion.  But, the application of this cream was horrible, I used my fingers to apply it and it came out blotchy, I used a beauty blender and it still appeared smeary.  I just couldn’t apply it right to my skin.  The consistency is quite thick for something that I would think would have more of a creamy consistency based on the name.

It states it’s a 9in1 product…

1.primes. 2. Moisturises 3.minimise pores 4. Conceals 5. Covers 6. Smoothes 7. Mattifies 8. Brightens 9. Protects.

I did feel it moisturised, concealed, mattified, and covered my skin well.  And it did protect me from the sun really well.  It did cover redness and a few spots.  When I got sunburnt from being in the sea, it did cover the redness really well.

However like I mentioned before it did not blend evenly, and lines showed easily, which was really frustrating so I gave up trying to make it work.

I don’t think I will use this again, maybe as a small spot on concealer on days I don’t want to wear makeup but that’s it.

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