Clinique take the day off balm review.

Hello all, welcome back it’s been a while.  Today I wanted to review a high end product by Clinique called take the day off.   I have seen this product everywhere on youtube and on social media.  People have sworn by this product, so I thought why not check it out myself.

Clinique take the day off £22
Lightweight cleansing balm quickly dissolves stubborn eye and face makeups, including those with sunscreen. Transforms from a solid balm to a silky, fluid oil upon application. Cleans thoroughly, rinses off completely. Non-greasy. Non-drying. For all skin types. Clinique balm

This is the first product I have bought from Clinique and I am in love.  The idea behind this balm is:  You do not need to wet your face first, and its not damaging to the skin like normal face wipes can be, due to the alcohol used the keep the wipes wet.
All I have to do is take some of the balm and rub it in my hands, warm it up and it becomes very soft, sort of like coconut oil.  Then I apply it directly to my face and it removes my makeup seamlessly, then all I have to do is wash it off.
Since using this I have found removing my makeup such an easy task now, and my skin is better for it.  I have less spots, and reduced redness in my face.    It states it doesn’t dry the skin out and I agree completely.  Removing my makeup is just so easy now, this balm requires no effort and my makeup is removed straight away, where as facial wipes don’t always remove everything, and I find I use about 3-4 wipes just to make sure all my makeup is gone, but when I wash my face after there is still makeup in my pores.

I am definitely going to repurchase this product, it has changed my skin care routine for good.

Here are 2 videos of people using the balm please watch:  

Patrick Starr
Casey Holmes

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